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    Financial Services

    Drawing on over 20 years of experience in supply chain finance services, the VTeam Group delivers cost-effective and easily accessible financing solutions for SMEs through factoring and supply chain finance.

    Having provided supply chain finance solutions for tens of thousands of central state-owned enterprises, anchor enterprises and SMEs

    In the Chinese market, the VTeam Group is a Deputy Director of CFEC(Commercial Factoring Expertise Committee). Clients include tens of thousands of central state-owned enterprises and SMEs such as COFCO, China Mobile, and China Unicom. The Group has evolved into a comprehensive supply chain finance provider that delivers risk management solutions for banks and other financial institutions, and provides services in financial assets securitization, refinancing, operational risk management and consulting services for commercial factoring companies, leasing companies, supply chain finance companies and other financial institutions.

    The VTeam Group has won a number of awards that give recognition to its leading position in supply chain finance, including the 2017 Preferred Service Provider for Chinese SMEs, the Top 10 Chinese Medical Financial Service Providers of 2018, the 2019 China Commercial Factoring Industry Contributor Award, the 2020 Commercial Factoring Contributor Award, and the 2021 China Commercial Factoring Industry Innovation Case Award.

    Supply Chain Finance Service Covers 223 Countries and Regions

    The VTeam Group is one of the few Chinese companies that provide factoring and supply chain finance services in 223 countries and regions. It is a member of FCI (previous known as Factors Chain International) and International Trade & Forfaiting Association (ITFA). The VTeam Group has evolved into one of the most competitive supply chain finance providers in the Asian Pacific region and has gained recognition from clients in China and abroad.

    Allianz Trade Awarded the VTeam Group the only Certificate of Appreciation in Asia for three Consecutive Years

    Allianz Trade (formerly “Euler Hermes”), a global leader in credit insurance, awarded the VTeam Group the Certificate of Appreciation and medals, which are the only certificates and medals presented by Allianz Trade in Asia, for three consecutive years, in acknowledgement of high quality of the supply chain finance assets and effective risk management of the VTeam Group.

    Major Products for the DomesticBusiness

    >>>   Factoring / Accounts Receivable Purchase

    factoring, also known as accounts receivable purchase, refers to a creditor (seller) initiates a financing option. Specifically, the seller assigns its present and future accounts receivable based on the goods sales/service contract concluded with the buyer to the factor, who in return, provides the seller with a series of services, including financing, sales account management, credit risk guarantee, and collection services.

    >>>   Reverse Factoring / Supply Chain Finance

    Reverse factoring, also known as ’Supply Chain Finance ’, refers to the initiation led by the debtor (anchor enterprise). Factors enter into reverse factoring agreements with anchor enterprises of large scale with good credit, and provide financing for the SMEs on their supply chain network. As suppliers of small scale with limited assets can hardly reach the threshold for financing, factors can rely on the credit of the anchor enterprises to finance those suppliers' accounts receivable, which provides a financing option for suppliers, and on the other hand, improves the capital usage performance of anchor enterprises.

    >>>   Standardized Business

    After being assigned the accounts receivable and pooling them to form an asset pool, factors originates the Asset Management Project based on this asset pool. For anchor enterprises, securitization (for example, ABS (Asset-Backed Securitization), ABN (Asset-Backed Notes)) , will perform a large amount of financing project, and will not raise its existing debt ratio, as well as extending its DPO (Days Payable Outstanding).

    >>>   Off-Balance Sheet

    A factor selects a high-quality enterprise and provides it with non-recourse factoring for its accounts receivable. This service helps ease financial stress for suppliers, and allows enterprises to transfer accounts receivable into cash in advance, then shorten the period of DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) . In addition, it helps enterprises reduce the amount of accounts receivable and raise its accounts receivable turnover ratio while optimizing financial statements.

    Major Products for the International Business

    >>>   Import Factoring

    A Chinese importer, who doesn’t want to issue the letters of credit anymore or has adopted open account terms for their import purchases, can apply factoring to overseas exporters through the cooperation between the VTeam Group and the members of FCI in exporter’s country.


    >>>   Export Factoring

    An exporter can assign accounts receivable of a high-quality buyer to the VTeam Group to obtain the working capital in advance based on the sales of open account terms. If it is under a non-recourse basis, it would be treated as off-balance sheet.

    >>>   Offshore Factoring

    An overseas or offshore exporter can cooperate with a designated factor of the VTeam Group to obtain working capital in advance, as well as to enjoy the off-balance sheet once it is under the non-recourse basis.



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