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    The VTeam Group is one of the best solution providers of supply chain finance in China, as well as the industry leader, and is a strategic partner of the People’s Bank of China.

    The fintech solutions of the VTeam Group is underpinned by the core value of supply chain finance. On the strength of exceptional expertise and extensive experience, our technical teams in China and abroad provide banks, anchor enterprises, commercial factors and other institutions with customizable, one-stop R & D and operation services.

    As of today, the VTeam Group has independently developed more than 70 sets of software systems. On the strength of advanced IT solutions and extensive experience in operation services, the Group has provided IT systems and technology solutions to more than 100 banks, commercial factoring companies and leasing companies, including China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, and China Everbright Bank. The Group has secured a market share exceeding 65% in Mainland China and expanded into Japan and Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, the Group has introduced its products and supply chain fintech services to several financial institutions in Europe and other overseas countries as well.

    The fintech products of the VTeam Group have passed Microsoft Certification, ISO9001 Quality Management System, CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Level-III, software enterprise certification, high-tech enterprise certification, supply chain product copyright, product registration, product certification, and other authoritative certifications.

    The VTeam Group keeps pace with developments in blockchain, innovates in the forefront of the industry and integrates blockchain with the service process of Group’s  supply chain finance to launch three sets of blockchain-based products – VBaaS platform, AR chain and Rongyi Supply Chain Finance Platform, all of which have passed the review of the blockchain information service of the Cyberspace Administration of China. They are an epitome of the ‘Group’s strong capacity for innovation.

    >>>   One Core

    >>>   Three Platforms

    >>>   Five Services


    >>>   Accounts Receivable Transactions Gold Chain

    The Accounts Receivable Transactions Golden Chain is based on the anchor enterprises of the supply chain network to leverage anchor enterprises’credit then provide finance supports for upstream suppliers and downstream customers. This product converts the accounts payable of anchor enterprises into dividable, transferable, redeemable and financeable digital certificates to finance for SMEs.

    >>>   Investment & Financing Service Platform

    The Investment & Financing Service Platform of the VTeam Group is dedicated to provide professional, efficient financing services for SMEs. It aims to align funds with project requirements through online and offline services simultaneously, as well as the combination of standardized service with customized needs.

    >>>   Supply Chain Finance Management Platform

    The Supply Chain Finance Management Platform integrates factoring, leasing, microloan, prepaid finance and inventory financing to provide online management throughout the supply chain finance process, including pre-assessment, drawdown and post-financing monitoring processes. With the help of this platform, it builds up the internal audit and management systems for financial institutions and helps them systemize the internal management requirements.

    >>>   Enterprise Credit Investigation Platform

    The Enterprise Credit Investigation Platform aims to build an extensive, detailed and effective enterprise credit information database, develop a scientific and standardized credit evaluation system, and provide objective, authoritative and value-added credit information services.

    >>>   Electronic Confirmation Platform

    The Electronic Confirmation Platform is dedicated to provide confirmation business for banks, accounting firms, enterprises and other institutions. Meanwhile, the platform fulfill the requirements of electronic, automated, standardized and centralized information management throughout the process of confirmation request.

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